1. Qualified individual is Thiso Mall Sala Member (MEMBER) from 18 years & above, with legal ID card or passport (for foreigner).
  2. MEMBER is entitled to apply for one (1) Account and will be assigned only one (1) Thiso Mall Sala Membership Account.­­­
  3. Each MEMBER understands, agrees to, and commits to be the only user of his/her Account and be responsible for the administration and protection of personal Account information. The MEMBER is liable for any failure to comply with this condition if they provide information to a third party in violation of the Thiso Mall Sala Membership terms & conditions.
  4. When using or receiving rewards from Thiso Mall Sala Membership program, Thiso Mall Sala may require the MEMBER to present ID card or passport.
  5. When participating in the Thiso Mall Sala Membership program, customers confirm that they agree to receive communications from Thiso Mall Sala, including but not limited to service announcements, program information and promotional newsletters.
  6. The information on the Membership registration form and the MEMBER's shopping data will be used to support the marketing and management of Thiso Mall Sala Membership program.
  7. Thiso Mall Sala Membership Account is owned by THISO INTERNATIONAL COMMERCE AND SERVICES CORPORATION (the COMPANY) and the COMPANY has the right to decide at any time to: (i) manipulate or terminate the Program Thiso Mall Sala member, (ii) cancel Thiso Mall Sala member Account.
  8. Personal information of MEMBER will be kept confidential but may be used and/or disclosed by the COMPANY for the following purposes: (i)To process as request from legal authorities, (ii) to resolve disputes and complaints, (iii) in circumstances where immediate action is required to protect the personal rights of other MEMBERS.
  9. Terms and conditions of Membership program are subject to change by the COMPANY without prior notice.