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Xtep is a sportswear brand from Hong Kong established in 2001. Xtep brand is present in many countries with more than 7100 stores. Xtep's products, including shoes, clothes, accessories, etc., are always made from the best materials, precisely crafted, and delicate in each seam to provide customers with comfort. This is considered an excellent "stopover" for sports fashionistas because the brand has a full range of clothes suitable for your favorite sport. Marathon running, in particular.

As a brand with the mission "Feel the difference", Xtep is continually developing and seeking to unite sports enthusiasts to spread the sports spirit to the community. That is proven by the confidence of Xtep with the nods of cooperation, accompanying the Marathons of international stature. Bringing an interesting and rewarding playground for running enthusiasts.

Xtep always applies the most modern technology in products to create the greatest experiences for consumers. It is impossible not to mention the Running shoe line that is applied with DYNAMIC FOAM, RACE 160X, and REACTIVE-COIL technologies... All of them have one thing in common: to help reduce maximum injury and help to accelerate to the finish line successfully. Not only is it called a famous global shoe brand, but Xtep also asserts its high-class fashion taste with highly applicable fashion designs such as the Training collection with breathable, absorbent materials while workout and running sports.

As can be seen, the fashion brand Xtep is constantly moving and developing to conquer the most demanding customers. Always aiming for sustainable values, Xtep aspires to create a community and connect everyone's enthusiasm for sports.  And, spread the spirit of conquering record roads.



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