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The World of Diamonds (TGKC) is one of the leading brands in Vietnam specializing in diamonds and jewelry. To date, the company has a team of over 800 employees and a network of 100++ stores spanning across the entire country.

Since April 30, 2020, TGKC proudly became an official member of the DOJI Group.

- 100% natural diamonds have international certificate of GIA, IGI.
- With unique design and sophisticated quality to every detail, Diamond World is considered the preferred choice among the Jewelry loving clients with product lines FOR WOMEN (Ring, Earing, Pendant, Bracelet,...) FOR MEN (Diamond, Gemstone....), Wedding & Bridal (Proposal Rings, Couple Ring, Sets,...).
-Trust and Advocate of customer are the strength to Diamond World serve better.

Brand location THẾ GIỚI KIM CƯƠNG
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