L1 - 19
10:00 - 22:00 | 18006779 |

Opened at Christmas at the end of 2022, Phuc Long Thiso Mall Sala is the ideal new "chill" place to gather, meet relatives and friends inside a modern, luxurious space and enjoy drinks Phuc Long tea and coffee together.

Located at L1 - 19, 10 Mai Chi Tho, Thu Thiem Ward, Thu Duc City at Thiso Mall Sala. Phuc Long Thiso Mall Sala is pleased to serve residents of Thu Duc with a diverse drink menu.

Please visit Phuc Long Thiso Mall Sala to experience the modern, luxurious space and have moments of relaxation, chatting with friends and relatives over cups of tea and coffee. Phuc Long coffee has a strong taste for you!

Brand location PHUC LONG