B1 - 16
10:00 - 22:00 | 036 935 7270

PHOTO TIME is a Korean-style selfphoto studio that is very popular in Ho Chi Minh City. Coming to PHOTO TIME, you will experience taking instant photos with many colorful backgrounds, diverse accessories and super cute outfits only found at PHOTO TIME such as Korean school uniforms, traditional Hanbok, and adorable animal items.

PHOTO TIME has 2 types of rooms: COLOR ROOM and BANBE ROOM with a variety of prices suitable for students. In addition to the unique Korean space and virtual living corner, PHOTO TIME will bring you the best experiences possible.
- When choosing COLOR ROOM at PHOTO TIME you will experience: modern cameras, diverse color backdrops (Pink, Purple, Gray) and countless adorable accessories
- When choosing BANBE ROOM at PHOTO TIME you will experience: extremely modern camera, background changes depending on your preference, free use of all pre-equipped accessories and costumes: Hanbok, animal items. ..

PHOTO TIME also combined to create IDOL FRAME to give fans in Vietnam the opportunity to preserve moments with their idols. Don't be shy when choosing PHOTO TIME to preserve memorable photos with friends and family.

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