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OPPO Experience Store - an experience for OPPO technology lovers
More than just a spacious and comfortable showcase space, OPPO Experience Stores provide all the conveniences that users need, such as a rest area with a Wi-Fi connection, 3.0 fast charging area, support for testing machine and install software, clean the machine and paste tempered glass for free. Users will be able to meet all their needs related to their phone, from components and accessories to a team of experienced technicians, attentive after-sales service, and comfortable waiting space. 
In addition, at the experience stores, customers will be able to experience first-hand luxury flagship phones with leading modern technologies, as well as limited edition OPPO phones. OPPO Experience Store aims to become an interesting and favorite destination for users, whether for repair, warranty, machine cleaning or simply to experience the latest products. This shows OPPO's serious investment and focuses to bring satisfaction and the best privileges to its users. 

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