L1 - 15
10:00 - 22:00 | 02873001009 | www.katinat.vn

Due to the tradition of drinking coffee on the sidewalk while conversing with friends and enjoying live entertainment, Katinat Saigon Kafe, which opened its first location on the busy Dong Khoi Street in 2016, has quickly become the top destination for young people. Enjoy and see Saigon's commotion.

In addition to wanting to offer a variety of experiences in space, Katinat places more emphasis on taste and quality while serving drinks to consumers. Each drink on Katinat's menu, which includes coffee, tea, milk tea, and ice mixed, tells a unique tale of the team's committed and inventive bartenders. The majority of customers that visit Katinat are impressed by the Rambutan Milk Tea, which is rich in aromatic tea, fat leopard milk, and rambutan topping that seems inappropriate but is "unbelievably fitting" to produce a distinctive taste. Only at Katinat will you find a unique milk tea flavor. The secret to assisting Katinat in maintaining her feelings, faith, and satisfaction is ultimately a cup of excellent milk coffee in the morning or a cup of sweet and sour sweet and sour peach tea at night. of a client.