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Founded by Stephen Marks in 1972, French Connection (FCUK) is a rebellious, edgy, and free-spirited brand that has gained appeal in the vast fashion market with its good quality and reasonable prices. French Connection has infused humor, unique patterns, and distinctive color palettes into its inherently simple and unconventional style. Moreover, environmentally conscious and sustainable materials serve as passionate sources of inspiration for the brand's designers. Thanks to its global influence, French Connection's free-spirited style has attracted a large following of fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

French Connection entered the Vietnamese market in 2015, and in October 2017, it was officially distributed exclusively by ACFC, a subsidiary of the IPPG group, with stores in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

The French Connection store at Thiso Mall Sala, Thu Duc City, offers a spacious and open layout, complemented by unique minimalist architecture, creating powerful visual effects that leave a strong impression on customers.

This store showcases many unique designs from the 2023 collection, promising to be an ideal destination for customers to enjoy and have the best shopping experience with French Connection.