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08:00 - 22:00 | 02835886999 | http://www.emart.com.vn
Open to welcome customers from November 3, 2022, Emart Sala located at basement B1 - Thiso Mall Sala has become an extremely attractive destination for people as well as young people who are passionate about shopping and sightseeing. and take pictures to check in. Inheriting the highlights of Emart Go Vap, Emart Sala wears a modern, youthful, and extremely convenient Korean-style design. The counter areas are designed and displayed to be eye-catching and neat, and the variety of goods also meets the needs of the most demanding customers.

The leading business motto is to bring high-quality food, safe for consumers' health in Vietnam, Emart Sala always selects products with strict criteria, clear origin, and prestige, transportation and storage are always strictly followed by employees at Emart.

Besides, to bring customers authentic and happy shopping experiences, the Promotions are always updated with the latest and in line with consumer trends in the world. The program to buy goods with Emart Membership Card to get a cheaper discount is always supported and registered by customers.

Emart in general and Emart Sala in particular always seek to bring customers the most authentic, fun, and comfortable shopping experience. Come to Emart Sala today!
Brand location EMART SALA