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Atrium Design and Build Company Limited (ATRIUM) was established in 2019, and founded by Ms. Tran Vien Ngoc Tran who is also the Creative Director.

ATRIUM Design and Build includes ATRIUM Design & ATRIUM Studio. ATRIUM Design takes pride in its young team of industrial designers. With a passion for creating innovative and unique products that originate from the intellect and skills of Vietnamese people, ATRIUM aims to bring harmony within the chain of technical and artistic value, surpassing the expectations of both domestic and international customers. ATRIUM Studio is a retail platform distributing international modern furniture multibrands in Vietnam.

Drawing inspiration from the forms of the letter "A" and triangles, aiming to consistently achieve a harmonious blend of gentle curves and edgy angles. ATRIUM seamlessly integrates our contemporary design style into diverse historical and cultural architectural contexts. ATRIUM stands out from our competitors by incorporating high-quality fiberglass materials into the production and creation of intricate mechanical masterpieces. Fiberglass is a versatile and environmentally friendly material, which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This material offers remarkable durability, exceptional load-bearing capacity, water resistance, and resistance to termites, moisture, and mold. 


Our mission is research & Development of innovative and unique products created by the intellect and skills of Vietnamese individuals. By integrating technical and artistic values, we aim to achieve exceptional results that go beyond the expectations of both local and international customers. Bringing Vietnam's Manufacturing and Industrial Design to the world level through furniture designs, spreading the message of cultural values and the spirit of continuing and developing together of the young Vietnamese generation.

ATRIUM's design lab - R&D and factory in cooperation with Thaco Industries in Chu Lai Industrial Park, is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. These facilities are consistently enhanced and upgraded each year to produce innovative and premium furniture products that possess exceptional quality and aesthetics. By leveraging the team's expertise alongside Thaco Industries' modern industrial production line, ATRIUM's products not only showcase artistic and aesthetic design elements but also surpass expectations in terms of quality.

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