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DonDon | Cay Nhè Nhè - Vị The The

21.11 - 31.12.2023

Grasp the unique and unmistakable "flavor"! DONDON's hand-pulled dry noodles always carry a subtle spicy taste that you can't find anywhere else.
Rich and delicious, simple yet incredibly flavorful - these are the qualities that have made DONDON's signature dish a favorite of countless customers.
Come and experience the eagerly awaited Dry Noodles at DONDON.

Contact information:
DONDON - Chicken Rice Soup Chợ Lớn
B1 - 15 Thiso Mall Sala, 10 Mai Chí Thọ, Thủ Thiêm Ward, Thu Duc City.
Hotline for orders: 1800 8383 (9AM - 8:30PM)